WebSDR and a Raspberry Pi APRS iGate

Just recently, I have been playing with WebSDR as a means of enjoying the hobby whilst my antenna situation at the home QTH isn’t the best; a postage stamp sized garden means I don’t have much room for antennae for the lower bands!  That and the amount of time actually spent at home (thanks work!) means I’m not actually able to devote the time to experiment with option that will fit in with my size restrictions!

One of the areas of the hobby I have always enjoyed is packet radio, but with the decline of the NTS BBSs and suitable RF links (anyone can do it over the internet!) I have turned to APRS which has a fairly good (but still niche) following.

I managed to get an iGate up and running utilising the Linux soundmodem software and XASTIR.  This, unfortunately tied up my laptop and my FT-817, which I tended to want to use for other things too!  In search of a replacement for both, I have set up a receive only iGate using a cheap RTL2832 USB dongle and a Raspberry Pi.

In the process of researching the Rasberry Pi APRS iGate setup, I managed to figure out how to decode and monitor APRS over WebSDR.  As I had to do a fair bit of Googling, including a fair amount trial and error (my YL thought I was having an affair with the laptop, sorry Sarah!) I produced a HOW-TO here.  This includes links to setting up a means to decode other digital modes from WebSDR audio which was also an inspiration point for this project.

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