Way to go, CC-3…(NOT!)

This is starting to become a running theme on my blog which may give the impression that I’m anti-DMR!  Far from it – I fully embrace the mode and the possibilities it promises for the 21st Century amateur radio operator.  I have NEVER owned or operated a D-Star radio, so I’m not a disgruntled D-Star operator bashing DMR.  I just don’t agree with the wholly unprofessional way the PR is managed for this particular network in the UK!

But when something like this …


… appears without apparent warning, one cannot help but think something is amiss in the already turbulent world of DMR-UK/CC-3/Phoenix or whatever they want to be called this month (or indeed which group of people they want to be friends with this month – I already said I can’t keep up with who’s who with this bunch!)

Perhaps another disagreement/falling out/teddy thrown/dummy spat?  Perhaps a badly thought out plan to swap the authoritative source of information on the network from one provider to the other (could of waited till the other was up and running before pulling cc-3.net?)  Perhaps it’s all perfectly innocent and I’m just reading too much into it?  You have to wonder.

At least some of the pages on the cc-3.net website are still available (as long as you saved the links) but for how long?

Last Heard    Contacts Generator    Network Status

You can also do a Google search to find some of the pages that are still there, lurking in the background, doing their thing.

Until the new Phoenix website is up, without the Facebook Group (which I left ages ago!) or the cc-3.net website, I’m flying blind when it comes to getting hold of the information needed to update the codeplug for my radio.  I’m going to go out on a limb here and say I’m not the only one who’s been left high and dry.  Way to go CC-3!

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