Phoenix sees the light

It would seem the Phoenix DMR network, which is (was?) based on the DMR-MARC network with their warcry of “Motorola to the death”, is allowing both Hytera and homebrew MMDVM based repeaters and hotspots to connect.


Could this be the reinvigoration that the network needs?  Could this be too little too late?

Don’t get me wrong, this is an excellent move for the network which could keep it in contention with Brandmeister and DMR+ in the innovation stakes, but does this now mean there is yet another DMR network?  Has the Phoenix network split from DMR-MARC or could this spell the end of DMR-MARC’s policy on Motorola only hardware?

There is still some confusion surrounding the move.  Until further information is published on the Phoenix website, or their independent (and maybe unofficial?) voice on, I find myself asking a question I have asked previously on my blog – who is pulling the strings with this network?

Accordingly, the latest version of MMDVMHost contains support for connection to the DMR+, Brandmeister and Phoenix networks.

Interesting times ahead.

3 thoughts on “Phoenix sees the light

    1. Aha – I hadn’t seen that! It answers my question then – a whole new network separate from DMR-MARC, Brandmeister and the original DMR+ by the sounds of it! Cheers, Rudy.


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