The DVMega arrived …

… a little over a week ago!  (I’ve been having so much fun, I neglected to blog!)

It finally arrived after a week of impatient waiting.  Thanks must go to Karl, M0KSP for persevering through the flurry of successive firmware updates from Guus, PE1PLM to ensure I received a device with the latest firmware on-board – working 18 hours solid to update his stock and get them out of the door following the understandable demand was no mean feat!

I spent a fair amount of time whilst waiting to research and hone the software on the RPi in preparation for the DVMega’s arrival, it just worked out of the box and has been rock solid 24/7 since.

New firmware has been released twice since I got it and thanks to advice gleaned from the MMDVMHost Yahoo group I managed to update without any fuss or any extra electronics.

MMDVMHost has been recompiled virtually every other day to keep pace with G4KLX‘s extremely rapid pace of development and PA7LIM’s BlueSpot has been updated too, adding more functionailty.  Both very capable and stable bits of software, each suited to their respective purpose – MMDVMHost for running long-term in the background, and BlueSpot more for a mobile / user-interactive environment.

Listening to other DVMega users as they get up and running, on-air audio quality is noticeably better than that from users of the DV4Mini (not bashing the DV4Mini here, just stating an opinion!) with far less audio drop-outs; whether that’s software or hardware related, I don’t know but I’m extremely impressed with the DVMega and happy with my purchase.

So that’s my initial thoughts on the DVMega/MMDVMHost/BlueSpot combination.

What’s next, guys?

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