The P5DX Story….

Sadly, this article from N6PSE of the Intrepid-DX Group has reinforced my belief that we, as radio hams, are our own worst enemies when it comes to furthering our hobby.

After nearly 30 years in the hobby (20 plus of them licenced) I have yet to find an aspect of the hobby that hasn’t attracted some plonkers who have their own agenda and manage to spoil it for the rest of us.

I do wonder, the invention of the internet and modern personal communications technology aside, if this has a small part to play in the apparent slow decline of amateur radio in general?

Paul (if you read this) – Having been part of a small (tiny) DXped to VP8 a couple of years ago, I know only too well what’s involved in getting something like this on the air.  Obviously the DXped I supported was nothing like the scale of your efforts, and those of your team, which are appreciated by the majority.

Illegitimi non carborundum, and I hope you get to enjoy the equipment on another DXped once it finds its way back to you.

P5DX-what could have been…. As a Blogger, my blog represents my thoughts and my views only.  The content of this Blog does not represent anyone else but me. This morning, I had to cancel a DXpediti…

Source: The P5DX Story….

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