MMDVMHost with HD44780 PWM backlight control

I’ve had this idea floating around my head after the YL commented (some time ago!) that the backlight on my DVMega/MMDVMHost Raspberry Pi was a tad on the … errr … bright side.

She may have put it less politely but I soon agreed after I attempted to install it in the highest point in the house; our bedroom!  It proceeded to light up the room when all the lights were out – I pulled the plug on it!

So now I’ve found some time to have a tinker (gotta love bank holiday weekends) I’ve incorporated my idea for Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) control of the LCD’s LED backlight into Jon’s code; surprisingly enough it worked… first time!

Oh yeah, I’ve also stolen most of the boys’ yellow Lego bricks to make a case for it all!


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