Ham Radio Deluxe in the poo? You betcha!

UPDATE (8/1/17): HRD Software LLC have issued an open apology to “all our customers or prospective customers”.  Although undated, it can be assumed this is fairly recent, ie within the last week, as it references Rick Ruhl’s resignation on 31/12/16.  The apology can be found here.

I was a big fan of this software (which says a lot considering it’s for Windows – I *HATE* Windows!) and was sad to see it sold off by its original developer, Simon Brown (HB9DRV)

I, along with many others, clamoured to save the installer for the last free version of the software before its inevitable disappearance from HRD’s servers.  The next version of HRD was not to be a free offering and was pitched at $99.95 – a tad steep, but hams (being hams) bought it and the support contract that went with it.

Historically, HRD always had a few bugs which being free software were tolerated and worked around by users.  However once the new developers started charging $$$, users quite rightfully expected a working product and when it didn’t work, the support they had also purchased.

One user was not impressed by the software and the support he had received, and posted his (negative) experiences on a ham radio related review site.  This did not go down well at HRD’s ivory towers and this particular user’s software licence key was promptly disabled by HRD leaving him now unable to use any function of the software that he had purchased.  Not only this, but HRD openly told him that if he removed the negative feedback, they would unblock his access to the software!  Here’s the twist in the tail; they hadn’t picked on the typical pension-aged, slightly soap-averse radio ham who might have rolled over and given in, boy did they pick the wrong person to mess with.

Queue one shit storm on Reddit and various other revelations that this wasn’t an isolated case, throw in some serious attempts at back pedalling from HRD and you are now as up-to-date with this story as I am …

And now, the latest development can be read at this article on The Register.  Honestly, you couldn’t write this …

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