HOW-TO Using RasPi Check to control MMDVMHost remotely

I’ve been using a Raspberry Pi for a few years (for various functions) and have in the past used RasPi Check to perform basic monitoring functions such as keeping an eye on core temperature and disk usage.

RasPi Check has the ability to send single line commands to the RPi remotely over SSH.  Perfect for controlling MMDVMHost if you have set it up to start as a service.

Here’s how to do it …

Once the app is installed from the Play Store, open it and you will be presented with the front screen.

wp-1458762795186.pngConfigure your details using the menu (three vertical dots / New Pi) so the app is able to log into the Raspberry Pi.  You are best using the default ‘pi’ user at this stage as it already belongs to the required ‘video’ group within Raspbian.

If you drag the window down and release to refresh the details (or press on the menu then ‘Refresh’) RasPi Check will go away and retrieve the details it needs to populate the screen.

Now the bit we’re interested in to control MMDVMHost …

If you set MMDVMHost up as a service, RasPi Check can be used to stop, start and restart MMDVMHost with a couple of presses – useful if you want to run BlueSpot alongside MMDVMHost (MMDVMHost must be stopped before you open BlueSpot).

Press the ‘COMMANDS’ button at the top and you will be presented with the commands page.  Here you can add any custom command you can think up.

wp-1458762807800.pngFor our purposes we want to configure the commands which control the MMDVMHost software running on the Raspberry Pi.

To add a new command, press the + and fill out the fields.

The ‘Name’ fields can be anything you like but the ‘Command’ field needs to be exactly as in the picture to the right.

Now when you press one of these commands, RasPi Check will log into the Raspberry Pi and perform the command then log out.

You can also use RasPi Check to reboot or shutdown your Raspberry Pi – just use the power button next to the menu on the front screen.


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